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Cement Tile in Marietta, GA

When you’re undertaking a residential or commercial renovation project, it can be difficult to find the materials you need. Some materials offer exceptional durability, but no aesthetic appeal, while others offer plenty of charm but can’t stand up to the test of time. What if there was a dynamic tile option that offered the best of form and function, suitable for any kind of project?

Our team is pleased to offer a large selection of multipurpose cement tile in Marietta, GA, including products from Bati Orient. Each tile from this reputable manufacturer is handmade and totally unique, complete with charming shade variations, chips and cracks. Together, all of these traits make cement tile one of the most naturally appealing additions you can incorporate into your project.

Cement Tile From the Bati Orient Catalog

A Dynamic Project Material

For some homeowners and trade professional, creativity is key. This is especially true when it comes to tile creations, like floors, backsplashes, and similar additions. It’s one of the reasons our cement tile store has taken steps to acquire products from tile manufacturers that feel the same way. Visit our showroom to explore cement tile products of many different shapes, colors, and patterns.

Nothing is quite as unique as cement tiles from Bati Orient. As mentioned before, each is unique and handmade with small manufacturing flaws that add charm and personality. Over time, patina will build up on your tiles; this is a common and natural process for cement tiles, and we think you’ll be pleased with the extra appeal added by this characteristic.

Visit Our Cement Tile Showroom to Get Started

There are so many ways to use your new cement tiles that it’s difficult to know where to begin. However, you can always rely on our staff to provide the information and resources you need to get started. We’re tile experts with years of experience under our belts – that means you can always come to us with questions and concerns about our products or your upcoming project.

Along with cement tiles, our showroom is proud to carry a large selection of other tile products, including stone and glass. We encourage you to visit our physical location, as it will be easier for you to compare and contrast different products. Additionally, our staff will be able to provide more insight into each of our materials’ unique properties, which can help you make a more informed decision.

Contact our staff for more information about dynamic cement tile and its many applications. We proudly serve residents of Marietta, Georgia,
and nearby areas.

Black, White, and Gray Cement Tile From the Bati Orient Catalog

Room with Cement Tile From the Bati Orient Catalog