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Block Glass in Bathroom tub

Glass Block in Marietta GA

Open your home to the sunshine and other natural elements without sacrificing your family's private sanctuary. Used properly in the design of your home, glass block preserves your privacy while letting light shine into your living areas. Even though they are typically used for shower walls, glass block tiles are beautiful design elements for many areas of the home.

The unique composition of the glass block captures and then disperses the light, giving your home a naturally lit look. Due to its composition, glass block tile provides privacy as well. Nobody can see in, yet you can see the world outside. At our company, we are an exclusive supplier of Pittsburgh-Corning™ glass block. This well-known producer of glass block materials offers a high-quality product we feel our customers deserve.

Colored Glass Blocks

Though standard glass blocks are clear, we also have an array of colors available. A gorgeous spectrum of shades can be placed in patterns to match your design and vision. Our in-house design team incorporates your vision into a whole room using a selection of colored and transparent glass blocks. We carry the newest collection of accent glass blocks from Pittsburgh-Corning. As of December we now offer glass blocks from Seves®, Weck®, and Mulia® These accent blocks have creative designs that can be used with the plain glass blocks. We currently feature the following different designs:

Brown Border

There are many more designs and colored glass blocks available. You can view the companies different websites, and then call to see if we can order those types of glass blocks for you. We may also have them in-stock so you can come by to view them. 


Glass Block Murals

Create larger images by using glass block murals that capture attention. These murals add a touch of the extraordinary to the interior and exterior of the home. Also provided by Pittsburgh-Corning, they are available in 17 different designs, including a tropical beach, a group of blue dolphins, and an island palm tree scene. Our in-house design service helps you incorporate one of these murals into your room in a stylish and eye-catching way.

We now carry 3 new lines of glass block to provide you with more varieties. We now offer the brands Seves®, Weck®, and Mulia®. Glass blocks are able to be used in many different ways:

Bathroom Kitchen Office Living Rooms
Stairwells Restaurants Stores Flooring
Partition Walls Shower Boves Corridors Decorative Details
Night Zones Entrance Halls And Many Other Projects
Glass Block Shower

Glass Block Materials for the Bathroom

Turn your restroom into your best room with bathroom glass block tiles from our company. If you’re spending time primping in the bathroom, why not enjoy the scenery while you are there? We provide our customers with a wide array of glass block materials, such as glass tiles and glass murals. You can add something as simple as a few glass blocks to catch the light, or you can let your imagination run wild with a completely new wall mural. The sky is the limit with our wide range of colors, styles, patterns, and textures. Make an appointment with us for a consultation if you want to install bathroom glass block tiles.

Glass Block in Bathroom & Window Block Glass Window in Kitchen Nook Block Glass over Bathtub Glass Block Shower Wall

Glass Block Tiles for the Pool

Why not add some designer décor to your swimming experience? When you need glass block tiles for the pool, you can always visit our tile store for the widest selection and the greatest deals. With something as simple as a few pool glass block tile options, you can upgrade the appearance of your swimming pool on any budget. We have designers and glass block experts that assist you in creating something unique and beautiful in your backyard.

Imagine diving into your pool and being transported into an underwater wonderland with light shimmering off the glass tiles at the bottom or sides of your pool. Any swimming pool can be transformed into a lovely grotto, thanks to our tiles. In addition, you can let your artistic side out and paint a beautiful picture with our glass murals.

Your Local Glass Tile Store

Offering several different types of glass block materials for your home, we are the only stop you need to make when you want tiles and blocks made of glass for any decorative or construction need. We offer a large selection of transparent and colored blocks and tiles for you to choose from. So visit our tile store and let the friendly staff help you make a selection. You will be amazed at the amount of choices we have to offer.

To find out more about our glass block options in Marietta, contact us or come to our showroom. We serve customers in Marietta, Roswell, Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Kennesaw, Georgia, as well as the surrounding areas.